Our office places patient care and comfort at the top!  Meet Dr.Newton, an Orthodontist in Etobicoke that has built a unique practice that makes you feel like you are in the carribean.  Find out about his passion for orthodontics, coral reef diving and Chameleons!




 Ican’t say that I woke up one morning as a teenager and said that I wanted to be an orthodontist. Nope- nothing like Hermie the elf who really wanted to be a dentist. It was a road to discover my passion- finding out what you are good at and what makes you happy.  It was second year dental school that I decided orthodontics was what I really wanted to spend time doing. I realized that it fulfilled my interests- scientifically challenging; requiring good dexterity; dynamic control of a changing person; and lastly, treating patients that see the need for care and would be happy and appreciative with the end result.


I graduated with a Masters of Science as a Certified Orthodontist from Saint Louis University. At SLU I was awarded a Fellowship in the Cleft Palate program. I enjoyed learning and living in Saint Louis but I missed Toronto. I was lucky to find a practice available in Etobicoke so that I could come home. After 20 years of being an orthodontist what I like best about my job is making people smile. I know that they are more self confident and positive about themselves and I hope that translates into good things in their day-to-day lives.


Beyond my career I have many different interests. I have been fascinated with coral reef life since I was a teen and today I am lucky enough to enjoy a small piece of that world in my office. Several years ago I also was fortunate to start working in the Caribbean on the island of Grand Cayman where I enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in my off hours.


I also enjoy gardening and herpetology. I have bred panther chameleons and currently own a pair, keeping the male in the office. Nurturing is in my nature.  Is it any wonder that when I renovated my office in 2011 that I chose all of my favourite things as a theme? I even have a sailboard I made when I was in dental school mounted on a wall- how cool is that!?





Office Administrator / Receptionist

First impressions are crucial to creating a good relationship and I pride myself in being able to convey a welcoming atmosphere when I meet new patients for the first time at out front desk. I am our office administrator and have been with the GriN Orthodontics team for 8 years. I provide exceptional service by going the extra mile for all of our new and existing patients.  My favourite part of being Office Administrator is interacting with patients on a daily basis and getting to know them on a personal level. I love seeing the beautiful transformation or their treatment from beginning to end. I believe with honest and open communications I can build long lasting relationships with our patients on mutual respect and trust. I look forward to meeting you and booking your initial consultation appointment.


Clinic coordinator

It has been 2 years since I’ve joined the GriN Orthodontic team bringing 10 years experience as a Level II dental assistant with me. I love working and providing patients the care they need with their orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is such a great specialty to be part of due to its happy environment. Patients are eager to start treatment and even more excited when treatment is completed.


Farah. A
Treatment Coordinator

I joined the GriN Team earlier this year. I have enjoyed working in the dental field for over 10 years. I started as a Dental Assistant and have also worked as an administrator. This is a new chapter in my book. Working as the Treatment Coordinator at GriN Orthodontics I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this amazing team. I enjoy making your first appointment fun, carefree and educational. I work to educate new and existing patients of their treatment plan options. I love getting to know our patients and helping to make a beautiful smile fit into their budget with our flexible financing options. I am dedicated to doing the best that I can to make each visitors experience great.


Clinic coordinator

Hello, my name is Lisa.  I’ve been part of Dr Newton’s team for 10 memorable years as a Nationally certified Level II dental assistant. I’ve also experienced braces personally. I selected to go into the orthodontic field because there are no needles in the office…. LOL!

Orthodontics is a great field because of the broad spectrum of ages, nationalities, personalities, etc… of clients we see on a daily basis. I think it’s a fabulous array of colours every day that makes my days happy and rewarding.  Seeing clients go through transformations and achieving fabulous smiles is all worth it.



Lynne. D

Hi There! My name is Lynne and I have been fortunate to have loved working as an orthodontic hygienist in Dr Newton’s office for 20 years.

The wide variety of clients - ages 6-84; the various different and challenging procedures to perform; the teamwork approach along with a well designed, colourful, fun workplace have all contributed to my enjoyment in assisting to create beautiful smiles for a lifetime for our clients.



I have been with GriN Orthodontics for 13 years and originally started here as a Level II dental assistant.

I chose orthodontics because I wanted to experience a different specialty of dentistry. I am able to use my talents day to day and I get true joy from interacting with our patients. Being at the front desk I have the opportunity to have a more personal relationship with our patients. My attitude is that what I do during the day is not about business but rather about showing patients how beautiful they are.



Hi I’m Mari!  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr Newton for 20 years. I chose orthodontics because it is such a rewarding profession. I see smiles transformed. It is rewarding to go to work every day and make a positive change for so many lives.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing poetry and spending time with my family.



I have been working at GriN ortho for 3 years and what I love about orthodontics is making my clients happy throughout their treatment and especially seeing their beautiful, health, functional smiles when their braces are taken off.  What I love about GriN orthodontic is the atmosphere in our office- the welcoming staff, Dr Newton;s excellence, beautiful decor, the state of art equipment, team spirit, and the top quality of our work and client care.






Serving Etobicoke, Weston, and Western Toronto, ON (Ontario)—Dr. Geoffrey Newton is your orthodontic specialist, offering Invisalign, Damon System, and braces for children, teens and adults.